1. Por-Pia-                                                                             A fresh rice paper rolls stuffed with tofu, pork sausage, cucumber and mushroom, topped with sweet and sour sauce 

2. Tod-Mon    
Fried fish cake mixed with minced - green beans in Thai spices, served with sweet cucumber 

3. Satay  
Choice of grilled chicken, or beef on skewers, marinated in oriental herbs, served with coconut peanut sauce.

4. Nam-sod   
Ground pork cooked in ginger, shallot, peanut and spicy lime sauce, with slices of pork skin 

5. Pooket Express   10.95  
A combination of prawn, mussel, calamari and fish marinated in spicy lemon sauce laying on a seashell bed  

6. Larb Chicken- Beef    
Most popular northeastern Thai dish made of-quick grilled beef or chicken cooked in roasted rice powder, chili and-spicy lemon sauce                  

7.Plah Goong  9.95

Spicy prawn cooked in Thai herbs (mint leaf and lemon grass).

8. Tong-Tong   
Fried little dumpling stuffed with shrimp,chicken,and vegetable served with cucumber sauce.

9. Yum Hed     
For mushroom lovers : A combination of mushroom, prawn and chicken in Thai spices, laid on a bed of greens.

10. Por-Pia-Tod (meat or vegetarian  rolls) 
Fried rice roll stuffed with pork, shredded vegetable and glass noodle in oriental herbs, served with sweet plum sauce

11. Pirate Treasure   
A combination of chicken, shrimp and bean thread sheet marinated in Thai herbs with - a touch of lemon spicy sauce

12. Fresh Mint Roll  .
A rice paper roll stuffed with fresh vegetable, mint, noodle, and shrimp served with sweet lemon grass and ground peanut dipping

13. Yum-Ma-Keur    
Grilled young eggplant, prawn and chicken, topped with spicy lemon garlic sauce, accompanied with slices hard boiled egg

14. Plah Pa-Muk   9.95
Slices of fresh squid marinated in lemon grass and mint leaves, in spicy lemon sauce

15. Vegetarian Delight    8.00
Slices of - fried - tofu and taro in batter, served with sweet and sour peanut sauce

Business hours:

Lunch   Mon-Fri     11:30am - 2.30pm

Dinner Mon-Thur 5:30pm  -  9:30pm

Fri & Sat                      5:30pm -10:00pm

​Closed on Sunday

​​Manora's Thai Restaurant

is a family run business for  30 years and we are pretty much a friendly kitchen to the local people to an affordable price and of course, a real flavor of Thai taste.

We have a full bar where you can hang out get a drink and appetizers
at the bar as well.