Noodle Plates

12. Pad-Thai 14.95 
Pan-fried rice noodle with shrimp, tofu, egg and bean sprouts 

13. Khew-Tew Nur-Sub    14.95
Rice noodle pan frier!, topped with chopped beef sauteed with garlic onion and tomato sauce 

14. Khew-Tew Rad-Na    14.95 
Rice noodle pan friers topped with choice of chicken, beef or pork mixed with Chinese broccoli in gravy sauce (add 3.00 for prawns) 

15. Pad-See Ew   14.95 
Pan-fried rice noodle with choice of chicken, beef and pork in garlic, Chinese broccoli and egg 

16. Khew Tew Nur-Toon     N/A..... 
Rice noodle with beef stew 

17. Khew Tew-Kai   14.95 
Rice noodle soup with chicken and fish ball

Chefs Special

10. Kow Mon-Gai-Yang andSom-Tum    15.95 
Complete lunch with Thai style Bar B-Q Chicken, served with garlic rice and spicy papaya salad 

11. Kow Pad-Gai-Tod   15.95 
Crispy Fried Chicken chopped up (boneless) served with fried rice or garlic rice with sweet garlic sauce

Lunch Combination $17.50 (ch

1. Satay 
Grilled beef or chicken on skewers served with peanut sauce

2. Garlic Pork
Barbeque thin slices of pork marinated in garlic and black pepper

3. Tod-Man
Fried fish cake served with sweet cucumber

4. Por-Pia-Tod (choice of meat or vegetarian roll)
Fried imperial roll stuffed with chicken and glass noodles in oriental herbs, served with sweet plum sauce

5. Gai-Yang
Thai Bar B-Q chicken served with sweet garlic sauce

6. Gang-Ga-Ri
Yellow chicken curry served with sweet cucumber

7. Panaeng-Nur 
Spicy beef curry with sweet basil

8. Gai-Graprao
Sauteed chopped chicken with spicy basil garlic sauce

9. Goong-Tod
Deep fried prawns with vegetables served with plum sauce

10. Nur-Toon        N/A
Marinated beef stew with mushroom sauce

11. Nur-Pad-Pik
Sauteed slices of beef in chili, garlic and basil sauce

Lunch menu

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--Most items CAN be done vegetarian style--

18% gratuity will be added for party of 6 or more
We reserved the right to refuse service to anyone 

Rice Plates

1. Kow Na-Ped  16.95
Slices of roast duck over rice, served with sweet spicy black soy sauce
2. Kow-Mon Kai  N/A
Slices of salt-baked chicken over garlic rice, served with spicy ginger garlic sauce 

3. Kow-Graprao   14.95 
Sauteed chicken, beef or pork in basil chili sauce over rice 

4. Kow Moo-Gratieam      14.95
Grilled garlic pork in oriental herb topped on rice, served with spicy lemon garlic sauce 

5. Kow Pla Muk Pad-Ped       15.95
Sauteed calamari in basil chili garlic sauce over rice 

6. Kow Pad-Talay   15.95 
Thai style fried rice with prawns, calamari and crab meat in egg and tomato, garlic sauce 

7. Kow-Gang-Kiew-Wan       14.95
Spicy green curry with you choice of chicken, pork or beef, mixed with slices of eggplant and green beans with a touch of basil, served with steamedrice (for prawn add 3.00 - beef add$1.00) 

8. Kow-Gang Panaeng      14.95
Spicy beef curry with basil, served with rice 

9. Kow-Rad-Na   14.95
Choice of chicken, beef or pork sauteed with onion, baby corn, bamboo shoot and mushroom in garlic gravy sauce over rice