Side order

Jasmine rice             2.00

Brown Rice               3.00

Peanut sauce            3.00

Noodle Dishes

59. Pad-See-Ew  12.95
Pan-fried flat rice noodles with choice of beef, pork, chicken, egg and Chinese broccoli with garlic

60. Pad Thai  12.95
Pan-fried rice noodles with shrimp, tofu, egg and bean sprouts

61. Mee Grobb   (Not available)
Thai style crispy noodles with a combination of shrimp and tofu in sweet bean sauce

62. Woon-Sen Pad  12.95
Pan-fried glass noodle with shrimp, chicken, tofu, egg and bean sprout in mild spices

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16. Tom Yum Goong  13.95
Spicy and sour prawns and mushroom soup with a touch of lemon grass in roasted chili aroma

17. Tom-Ka-Talay  14.95
A blend of Thai spices and coconut milk soup with a combination of seafood

18. Gai-Tom-Ka   11.95
Thai style lemon chicken soup in coconut milk and oriental herbs

19. Tom Yum Talay     14.95
Hot spicy pot combination seafood includes prawn. scallop, squid, fish and mussels in a spicy lemon sweet basil soup

20. Gang Jurd    11.95
A combination of shrimp, chicken, tofu, spinach, glass noodle and Napa cabbage in chicken broth

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18% gratuity will be added for party of 6 or more
We reserved the right to refuse service to anyone 

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Vegetable Dishes

21. Chef Salad  12.95
Seasonal fresh vegetable with shrimp, mushroom, and - slices of egg topped with sweet lemongrass dressing

22. Salad Kak  11.95       
Seasonal - fresh vegetable with fried tofu and egg topped with peanut sauce

23. Mixed Green   11.95
Sauteed mix vegetable in garlic oyster sauce

24. Som-Tum    11.95
Fresh green papaya salad with tomato, green bean and peanut marinated with garlic and Thai spicy sweet and sour sauce


1. Por-Pia-Sod  10.95  N/A...
A fresh rice paper rolls stuffed with tofu, pork sausage, cucumber and mushroom, topped with sweet and sour sauce..Not available.

2. Tod-Mon   9.95 
Fried fish cake mixed with minced - green beans in Thai spices, served with sweet cucumber 

3. Satay   10.95   
Choice of grilled chicken, or beef on skewers, marinated in oriental herbs, served with coconut peanut sauce.

4. Nam-sod    9.95
Ground pork cooked in ginger, shallot, peanut and spicy lime sauce, with slices of pork skin 

5. Pooket Express   12.95  
A combination of prawn, mussel, calamari and fish marinated in spicy lemon sauce laying on a seashell bed  

6. Larb Chicken- Beef   10.95
Most popular northeastern Thai dish made of-quick grilled beef or chicken cooked in roasted rice powder, chili and-spicy lemon sauce                  

7.Plah Goong  11.95

Spicy prawn cooked in Thai herbs (mint leaf and lemon grass).

8. Tong-Tong    9.95
Fried little dumpling stuffed with shrimp,chicken,and vegetable served with cucumber sauce.

9. Yum Hed   11.95              
For mushroom lovers : A combination of mushroom, prawn and chicken in Thai spices, laid on a bed of greens.

10. Por-Pia-Tod (meat or vegetarian  rolls)  8.95
Fried rice roll stuffed with pork, shredded vegetable and glass noodle in oriental herbs, served with sweet plum sauce

11. Pirate Treasure   11.95
A combination of chicken, shrimp and glass noodle marinated in Thai herbs with - a touch of lemon spicy sauce

12. Fresh Mint Roll  9.95
A rice paper roll stuffed with fresh vegetable, mint, noodle, and shrimp served with sweet lemon grass and ground peanut dipping

13. Yum-Ma-Keur    11.95
Grilled young eggplant, prawn and chicken, topped with spicy lemon garlic sauce, accompanied with slices hard boiled egg

14. Plah Pa-Muk   11.95
Slices of fresh squid marinated in lemon grass and mint leaves, in spicy lemon sauce

15. Vegetarian Delight    9.95
Slices of - fried - tofu and taro in batter, served with sweet and sour peanut sauce


Beef and Pork Dishes

32. Nur-Toon   13.25  N/A...

A combination of beef cubes and spices cooked in mushroom and garlic sauce served in a clay pot

33. Nur-Pad-Prik   13.95
Sauteed beef with sweet basil in spicy chili garlic sauce 

34. Pra Ram Long Song   13.95
Broiled tender sirloin of beef on bed of spinach, topped with spicy peanut sauce

35. Pa-Naeng-Nur  13.95
Thai style beef curry in coconut milk and red chili with a touch of sweet basil

36. Salad-Nur-Sun   14.95
Grilled sirloin of beef with Thai herbs, served with fresh lettuce and lemon garlic sauce

37. Beef Shish-Ka-Bob    N/A...
Charbroiled marinated filet mignon cubes on skewers served with spicy garlic sauce

38. Moo-Gra-Tiam   13.95
Grilled slices of pork marinated in garlic and black pepper

39. Moo-Prik-King   13.95
Sauteed slices of pork and green bean in red chili garlic sauce


Siam Gems        6.00..Not available.
Ruby like Thai tapioca beads stuffed with water chestnuts with a combination of young coconut meat, toddy palm seed and jack fruit in icy coconut milk

Fried Banana with Ice Cream       6.00

Mango With Sticky rice           7.00...

Manora's Ice Cream         5.00


7 Up or Coke   2.50                                              
Thai Ice Coffee or Ice Tea   3.00                                        
Coffee or Tea    2.50                                                        
Orange Juice / Cranberry juice   3.50

Mineral Water   2.50                                                             
Thai Beer; Singha / Chang Beer  5.00                                                   
Corkage Charge   10.00

Poultry Dishes

25. Garlic Quail  14.95
Fried quail marinated in garlic and Thai herbs, served with lemon garlic sauce and sweet plum sauce

26. Gai-Yang  13.95
Thai style Bar-B-Q chicken, marinated with oriental - spices, served with sweet garlic sauce

27. Gai-Kraprao   13.95
Sauteed minced chicken in sweet basil and fresh chili garlic sauce

28. Gang-Gari-Gai  13.95
Yellow chicken curry cooked in coconut milk and potato cubes. Served with cucumber salad

29. Ped-Tod-Ka-Na-Grob   14.95
Crispy pieces of roast duck fried in batter with greens, served with sweet chili garlic sauce

30. Gang-Ped-Ped-Yang   14.95
Roast duck curry cooked in coconut milk and red chili sauce with a combination pineapple and spinach

31. Gang-Kiew-Wan  13.95
Choice of beef, chicken or pork (with prawn add 2.00 ), a hot spicy green curry cooked in coconut milk with slices of eggplant, green beans and fresh - sweet basil

Chef's Favorites Dishes

40. Pooket Skewer  15.95  N/A...
A combination of charbroiled scallop, prawn, and fish with vegetables on skewers, served with spicy lemon garlic sauce and sweet chili sauce

41. MaKeur-Paad-Prik  13. 95
Sauteed Japanese eggplant with prawn, chicken and pork in spicy basil garlic sauce

42. Kai-Yad-Sai  13.95
Thai style omelets stuffed with crab, shrimp and chicken in a mixture of Thai herbs 

43. Sahai-Pad-King  13.95
Sauteed combination of shrimp, pork and chicken in ginger, pineapple and sweet oriental black mushroom sauce

44. Asparagus with Lobster Sauce (seasonal) 15.95
Fresh asparagus sauteed with crab meat, prawn, minced chicken and egg in spicy garlic sauce

45. Panaeng-Sam-Ros    14.95
A combination of crisp chicken, pork and beef deep-fried, topped with spicy red curry sauce

46. Paad -Kin-Na-Ree  13.95
A combination of prawn, calamari, chicken and glass noodle pan-fried sauteed with baby corn and green onion in oriental sauce

Seafood Dishes

47. Hoi Mo Din  N/A
Sauteed mussel in garlic, spices, and sweet basil sauce  (unavailable)

48. Pla Chu Chee  16.95
Filet of  Salmon in red curry sauce

49. Pla-Rad-Prik  16.95    
Fried Salmon in spicy garlic sauce 

50. Pla-Jean   16.95    
Fried Salmon in ginger scallion sauce
51. Talay Hot Plate  16.95
Combination of prawns, scallop, calamari, fish and mussel sauteed in garlic spicy sauce, served in hot plate

52. Pla-Muk-Pad-Ped  14.95
Calamari sauteed in sweet basil spicy chili sauce

53. Pong-Pang   16.95
Seafood combination of scallop prawn, calamari, fish and mussel, sauteed in spicy chili paste mixed with vegetables in a hot clay pot

54. Koong-Chu-Chee   16.95
Broiled jumbo prawns topped with spicy chili curry sauce with a touch of Thai herbs

55. Goong-Tod   15.95
Jumbo prawns deep-fried in batter mixed with fried vegetables, served with sweet plum sauce

56. Pla-Muk-Grateiam   14.95
Calamari sauteed in garlic and mild oriental herbs

57. Goong-Grobb   15.95
Crispy jumbo prawns in shell cooked in garlic and served with two sauces Sweet plum sauce and lemon garlic sauce

58. Goong-Gra-Teiam   15.95
Marinated jumbo prawns sauteed in garlic black pepper sauce